County Committees

Board of Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment is made up of two members from the planning commission, and three county representatives, excluding any elected county officials or county employees. All members are appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. The Board hears appeals of administrative decisions made by the Zoning Administrator, and hears requests for variances from strict application of dimensional requirements of the County Zoning and Subdivision ordinances. Decisions of the Board of Adjustment are final, and are not acted upon by the County Board of Commissioners.

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Board of Health

Responsibilities of the Board of Health:

  • Enforce laws, regulations and ordinances pertaining to its powers and duties within its jurisdictional area
  • Make investigations and reports and obey the instructions of the Commissioner to control communicable diseases
  • Order the removal or abatement of a public health nuisance, and if the nuisance is not abated, must have the nuisance abated or removed at the expense of the property owner
  • Have at least five members, must elect a chair and vice-chair, and must hold meetings at least twice a year
  • Must not deny services because inability to pay
  • Must not refuse or neglect to perform a duty on penalty of misdemeanor

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Elk River Watershed Association

The Elk River Watershed Association is a Joint Powers Board of Sherburne and Benton Counties and Sherburne and Benton Soil and Water Conservation Districts. This board was formed in 1994 to facilitate implementation of each county's comprehensive water plan within the Elk River Watershed. Projects initiated have emphasized conservation practices which reduce pollution to surface and ground water.

The Elk River Watershed consists of the land drained by the Elk River, St. Francis River and their tributaries encompassing an area of 613 square miles. The Association's project area is the part of the watershed within Benton and Sherburne County. The Board consists of one County Commissioner, one SWCD supervisor and two members at large from each County. The members at large are appointed by the County Boards. One staff person from each SWCD is an ex-officio advisor to the Board.

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Sherburne County Extension Committee

The Minnesota State Legislature established County Extension Committees in 1923. The state mandates a committee of nine: the chair of the Board of County Commissioners, one other County Commissioner, the County Auditor and six County residents selected by the County Board. Committee members serve three year terms, may be reappointed and can serve no more than two consecutive terms.

The County Extension Committee has four main areas of responsibility:

  • Program Development and Evaluation
  • Personnel Selection
  • Performance Evaluation
  • Budget Development

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Great River Regional Library

The Great River Regional Library (GRRL) provides public library services in Benton, Morrison, Sherburne, Stearns, Todd and Wright Counties. Formed under Minnesota Statute 134.20, GRRL is governed by a 15 member Library Board. Each county appoints one elected member to the GRRL Board and the balance of the seats are determined by budget share.

GRRL is responsible for library operations and services, including staffing and materials, at a headquarters building in St. Cloud and 30 branch libraries. Each branch library community provides the physical facility that houses GRRL public service operations. Branch library communities include Becker, Big Lake and Elk River.

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Planning Advisory Commission

The County Planning Commission is made up of one representative from each Township, one at-large member, and one county board member, all appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. The Planning Commission hears requests which come to the County relating to land use zones, subdividing of land, and issuance of special use permits. The Planning Commission passes a recommendation to the County Board of Commissioners. The Planning Commission may also recommend changes in ordinances and policies relating to land use.

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Sherburne County Economic Development Alliance (SCEDA)

SCEDA is an advisory committee to the County Board on economic development issues with subcommittees that work with the Economic Development Coordinator on business development, resources for business, workforce, and tourism. There are 15 members: 2 appointed from each county commissioner district and 5 at large members.

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Sherburne Advisory Committee to Board of Health

The Community Health Service Advisory Committee is required as part of the Community Health Service. It is to advise, consult with, and make recommendations to the community health board on matters relating to the development, maintenance, funding and evaluation of community health services.

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Sherburne County Parks Commission

The Sherburne County Park Commission is a seven member volunteer citizen committee appointed by the County Board of Commissioners. The duties of the Park Commission are to see that the goals and strategies of the Sherburne County Parks, Trails, and Open Spaces Plan are achieved. The Parks Commission will review the park, trail, and open space needs of Sherburne County and will make recommendations to the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners.

The mission of the Sherburne County Parks Commission is to plan for the acquisition, preservation, restoration, and, when appropriate, the enhancement of the natural resources of Sherburne County. These resources shall be used for the recreation, education, and enjoyment of present and future generations of Sherburne County citizens.

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Tri-County Action Programs, Inc. (Tri-CAP)

The following services are provided free or based on a sliding fee scale from Tri-CAP:

  • Displaced Home Makers Program (WINGS)
  • MHFA home loan rehabilitation
  • FMHA housing preservation
  • Rural and urban homesteading
  • Minnegasco and NSP energy conservation
  • Rural transportation
  • Self sufficiency program
  • Family homeless prevention
  • Low income home energy assistance program
Application PDF

Tri-CAP Board of Director Community Representative Openings

Tri-CAP is currently seeking individuals specifically from the legal, healthcare and/or faith based organizations to serve on the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors for Tri-CAP represent private, public and consumer interests within our community. Board members play an important role in guiding the agency and assisting people in need.

Tri-CAP is a 501 c(3) non-profit community action agency. Our mission is to expand opportunities for the economic and social well-being of our residents and the development of our communities. You can also check us out on our website at or download our agency brochure

The time commitment is minimal which includes attending a 2 hour monthly meeting at our Waite Park Administrative Office as well as a few special events throughout the year. The Board meets the third Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. We also have opportunities for Board Members to serve on various committees such as finance, planning and development as well as personnel.

Board meetings are important and the board members are there to conduct business. They are also interesting and fun. The board members are professional, but, at the same time, relaxed and casual. The best way to see what I mean is to attend a board meeting yourself. You are more than welcome to come to our next meeting and observe the board in action. I would love to have you visit us.

Board members are volunteers and do not get a salary, however, Tri-CAP provides for expense reimbursement to Board Representatives who are not already receiving compensation from their employment agency including:

  • Mileage Reimbursement and Opportunities for Training

Even though the members do not receive a salary, there are many benefits to being on our board. Some include: It is an excellent way to help your community and be a voice for the low-income people in your community of Sherburne County by providing guidance and direction for our organizational goals.

If you are interested or have a staff member in mind that you feel would be a good candidate in serving on Tri-CAP's Board of Directors, or want to discuss further, please contact Lori Schultz, Executive Director at either 1-888-765-5597 or by email

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Waste Management Advisory Committee

The duties of the Waste Management Advisory Committee will be to review and recommend to the County Board public policy and funding activities related to solid waste management within the incorporated boundaries of Sherburne County, such as solid waste facility licenses; SCORE grant applications; bid reviewal of the Non Permitted Disposal Site Cleanup program as directed by the County Board. The Committee shall also give needed public input into the rewriting or amending of waste related ordinances and policies.

Membership consists of one appointed representative from each County Commissioner's District, one representative from the Sherburne County Board of Commissioners, three Sherburne County citizen representatives who are appointed at large by the County Board, one staff member from the Tri-County Solid Waste Management Commission as Ex-Officio member, and staff member(s) from Sherburne County Zoning and Solid Waste Department as Ex-Officio member(s).

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