Personnel (click to email)TitlePhone Number
J Hancuch Director 763-765-4599
Teresa Becker Career Probation Officer 763-765-4559
Denita Bogart Assistant Probation Officer 763-765-4567
Dan Bradley Probation Officer 763-765-4561
Nicole Brummer Supervisor 763-765-4562
Kyle Foster Probation Officer 763-765-4554
Hannah Gerber Probation Officer 763-765-4592
Amy Halvorson Office Assistant 763-765-4563
Gavin Hein Assistant Probation Officer 763-765-4588
Courtney Hodges Office Assistant 763-765-4581
Emily Jenson Probation Officer 763-765-4583
Chris Maas Probation Officer 763-765-4554
Corey Mabis-Rowe Supervisor 763-765-4574
Mary Massmann Career Probation Officer 763-765-4565
Loren Maurer Probation Officer 763-765-4582
Karla Minetor Office Assistant 763-765-4586
Christenia Nelson Office Assistant 763-765-4560
Amie Peterson Career Probation Officer 763-765-4566
Kathleen Poslusny Probation Officer 763-765-4568
Brent Schmidt Career Probation Officer 763-765-4569
Bobbie Shafer Supervisor 763-765-4571
Alayna Starr Probation Officer 763-765-4576
Tarah Stockwell Probation Officer 763-765-4558
Jennifer Thurn Career Probation Officer 763-765-4557
Cheryl Turck-Broda Probation Officer 763-765-4554
Katie Zarns Career Probation Officer 763-765-4573
General Questions763-765-4550
Probation Reporting Center 763-765-4554


Sherburne County Govt Center
ATTN: Community Corrections
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330-4668

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Phone: 763-765-4550
Fax: 763-765-4555
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