Licenses - Other Licenses

The following licenses are available:

Auctioneer License

According to section 330.01 the county auditor may license any natural person having the following qualifications.

  • Is at least 18 years of age.
  • Has been a resident of the county for at least 6 months.
  • Completes and signs an application for "Auction License" and supplies required information regarding Worker's Compensation insurance, etc.

A corporate surety bond in a penal sum of not less than $1,000 nor more than $3,000 must be filed and kept by the county at the same time the application is completed, signed and filed with the auditor, conditioned that the auctioneer will pay all sums required by law and in all things conform to the laws relating to auctioneers.

The fee is $20 and the license is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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County Liquor License

According to section 340A.401 a license is required for liquor being sold or if an event with liquor is open to the public. Various licenses may be applied for:

  • Liquor
  • 3.2 Beer
  • Wine

Fees may vary depending on whether the establishment is a service organization. Sunday liquor must be approved by the voters in a township at an annual Township Election before a license to sell liquor on Sundays can be issued by the County.

If the business is located in the limits of a city, contact the City Clerk or Administrator.

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Precious Metals License

"Precious metal" means silver, gold and platinum. "Precious metal dealer" means any natural person, partnership, or corporation, either as principal or agent engaging in the business of buying secondhand items containing precious metal, including, but not limited to jewelry, watches, eating utensils, candlesticks, and religious and decorative objects.

Dealers desiring to engage in or transact business, must be licensed for that purpose. The license fee is $50 and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

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Tobacco License

According to Sherburne County Ordinance #29:

  • No person shall sell or offer to sell any tobacco, tobacco products, or tobacco related device without first having obtained a license to do so from the county, unless located within a town or a home rule charter or statutory city that has retained licensing authority under Minnesota Statutes 461.12, Subdivision 1.

The county takes applications for all Sherburne County Townships and the City of Zimmerman. The license fee is $100 and is renewable each July first.

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Transient Merchant License

According to Minnesota Law, "Transient merchant" includes any person, individual, co-partnership, limited liability company, and corporation, both as principal and agent, who engage in, do, or transact any temporary and transient business in this state, either in one locality, or in traveling from place to place in this state, selling goods, wares, and merchandise; and who, for the purpose of carrying on such business, hire, lease, occupy, or use a building, structure, vacant lot, or railroad car for the exhibition and sale of such goods, wares, and merchandise. The term "transient merchant' does not include a seller or exhibitor in a firearms collector show involving two or more sellers or exhibitors.

Such persons are required to file a $3,000 bond with the Auditor/Treasurer. Must produce evidence that they hold a valid MN Sales and Use Tax Permit. The license fee is $150 and is valid for one year from the date of issue.

If the event will be held in a city and the city requires a license, Sherburne County does not require a license. Our records show that the City of Big Lake and City of Elk River require licenses.

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