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Election Judges and Student Trainees

Before serving in an election, all election judges and student trainee election judges must complete election judge training and be certified as an election judge. This course, of at least two hours, is offered by the county auditor or designated city clerk or township clerk. Every judge who completes training receives an election judge certificate that is valid for two years. To stay current with changing election law and ballot counting technology, election judges will renew their election judge certificate by again completing the two hour training course every two years.

Head Election Judge

In addition to election judge training and certification, head election judges complete an additional hour of training every two years to be certified as head election judge. (M.R. 8240.1750)

Health Care Facility (HCF) Absentee Election Judge

Election judges assisting with HCF absentee voting complete one hour of training every two years (in addition to election judge training) to be certified as HCF absentee election judges.

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