Crime Victim Services

As the recent victim or witness of a crime, you will soon experience firsthand the process of the criminal justice system. You will play an important role in the process. Without the cooperation and assistance of victims and witnesses, it is impossible in our society to hold criminals accountable.

Our office has recognized that too often victims and witnesses are the forgotten people in the criminal justice system. We are committed to giving voice to victims' and witnesses' concerns and needs. Toward that end, we have worked with the Minnesota Department of Corrections in establishing a Crime Victim/Witness Program for Sherburne County.

Sherburne County Crime Victim Services can help you throughout your participation in the legal system. If you would like assistance, these are some of the areas a coordinator can assist you:

  • Referral for you and your family for counseling or assistance from other agencies.
  • Education about the criminal justice system and your role as a victim or witness to a crime.
  • Help with intimidation or coercion by the defendant. Threats by the defendant are against the law. Call you local law enforcement agency immediately should this occur.
  • Information about what is happening in your case and what procedure is followed.
  • Transportation if you need to be present in court.
  • Familiarization with the courtroom if you are asked to testify.
  • Assistance in understanding your rights as a victim.
  • Assistance in obtaining time off from your job to testify in court.
  • Information as to the eligibility and assistance in applying for money from either the defendant or the Minnesota Reparations Board.

If you would like assistance, or have questions about the criminal justice system, please call our office.

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