Crime Victim Services

Our Mission:
The mission of the Sherburne County Victim Witness Services is to empower, educate and uphold the rights of victims and witnesses affected by crime by providing support services and advocacy in a safe, respectful environment.

Our Services:
Our office recognizes that too often victims and witnesses are overlooked in the criminal justice system. We are committed to giving voice to victim's and witnesses' concerns and needs. We can provide you with the following assistance and support:

  • Explain your rights within the criminal justice system
  • Ensure victim rights are upheld
  • Provide information on the status of a case
  • Accompany a victim to the courtroom to attend hearings
  • Encourage victim participation in the prosecution of cases
  • Provide a private and secure waiting area
  • Assist in providing victim input to the prosecuting attorney to be considered in the criminal case
  • Assist in writing and presenting victim impact statements PDF
  • Provide assistance with applying for restitution (financial reimbursement from the defendant) PDF
  • Provide assistance with applying for reparations (financial assistance from the State of MN) PDF
  • Provide assistance in the preparation for testimony PDF during trials
  • Referral to other agencies for counseling and specialized assistance

Attorney Contact:

Sherburne County Govt Center
ATTN: County Attorney
13880 Business Center Dr NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330-4668

Office Location & Hours

Phone: 763-765-4725
Fax: 763-765-4747
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