Disabled Veterans Market Value Exclusion

This program provides an annual market value exclusion for honorably discharged veteran with a service connected disability of 70 percent or more, the property must be owned and homesteaded by the veteran to qualify.

Qualifying veterans with a 70 percent disability rating or higher are eligible for a market value exclusion of $150,000. Qualifying veterans who are totally (100 percent) and permanently disabled are eligible for a market value exclusion of $300,000.

Surviving spouses of permanently and totally disabled veterans who received this exclusion prior to passing away are eligible to continue the maximum $300,000 exclusion in the year of the veteran's death, as well as five additional tax payable years, or until such time as the spouse remarries, or sells, transfers, or other-wise disposes of the property - whichever comes first.

Market Value Exclusion on Homestead Property of Disabled Veterans Fact Sheet PDF


To apply please complete the appropriate application, sign, date, attach a copy of your DD214 and rating decision and return to the Sherburne County Assessors Department.


If you have any questions please contact the Assessors Department at 763-765-4900.

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