Property Values - Finding Property Information

The following property information is available online for free at

  • Parcel ID
  • Address
  • Section-Township-Range
  • Legal descriptions
  • Classifications
  • Homestead status
  • Estimated market value (assessed value)
  • School district number
  • Tax information

The following information is available free when you visit our office or can be accessed online for a daily or annual fee. To view this information online, you must create an account for full access to our CAMA database through Beacon. You will create a username and password to access the information.

  • Year built
  • Foundation size
  • Style
  • All pictures of the property on file
  • Current owners
  • Interior home information
  • Outbuilding information
  • Recent sales
  • Comparable property search (both improved and vacant)
  • Other additional information
Assessor Contact:

Sherburne County Govt Center
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13880 Business Center Dr NW
Suite 100
Elk River, MN 55330-4668

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